Our Mission Statement and Musical Background

Why did I start Accent Music Instruction? Why should you enroll?

1. I love music and I love to teach! It really is that simple. Playing, composing, and listening to music is my one lifetime love. I also love interacting with people especially in a one on one setting in which we can get each other's full attention.

2. Everyone is an individual. Everyone learns differently and requires something different from their teacher. One on one music instruction enables the student to be fully engaged with the teacher and it enables the teacher to address that student's unique needs. There aren't many other educational opportunities like this.

3. Private music lessons are challenging and even more rewarding. The great thing about one on one instruction is that a motivated student can make great progress. One on one instruction also makes it easier for a teacher to encourage each student to reach their full potential. 

4. Musicianship can last a lifetime. The skill of playing an instrument can last your entire lifetime. Many musicians play into their 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond.

5. It's fun! Playing music is challenging and difficult but it's incredibly fun! The fun of playing music can start right in the first lesson!

About Matthew McDermott

Matt McDermott started studying piano at the age of seven. Matt loved music as a child and began playing Trumpet and then Clarinet in school. He soon began studying Piano more seriously with John Balme (served as the General Director of Boston Lyric Opera). As his skills on Clarinet improved Matt began taking lessons with Roy Gussman (Music Director of the Monmouth Symphony Orchestra). Matt decided to continue his music education as a Music Education major at Rowan University. Matt graduated with his Bachelor's in Music Education in 2015 and has been teaching private lessons in Piano, Clarinet, and Saxophone since September of 2015. Matt also works as the Ballet Accompanist at Georgian Court University. Matt performs as freelance classical pianist and as a keyboardist and singer in the original rock band No More Pain and the cover band Jack. No More Pain has shared the stage with international stars such as Fuel, Monster Magnet, King's X and Spock's Beard.